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Plants Pressing Workshop

This worksheet is designed for a workshop for 20 participants

Target participants

All ages

Requires energy and patience; those who lack physical strength may require assistance in the pressing.


1 instructor

3-4 helpers


  • To let participants explore different plants through its colour, texture and shapes

  • To let participants destress and have fun at the plant pressing activity


35 minutes



Material List









>100 pieces​




1 roll

  • Fresh flowers or leaves available for harvest

  • Fabric bags

  • Plastic hammer or stones

  • Old posters or magazines

  • Kitchen paper

Total Cost


Plant Pressing Workshop bag

Plant Pressing Workshop

Participants will collect leaves or flowers from the edible garden and use a stone or hammer to rub the colours and texture onto fabric bags.

Related topics

Sustainable living, Mindfulness and wellbeing

Level of difficulty

Requires energy and patience; those who lack physical strength may require assistance in the pressing.






5 minutes

Introduce the use of natural flowers and leaves to create mindful art/ gifts. 


10 minutes

Harvest flowers and leaves for pressing (If time is limited, flowers/leaves can can be harvested by facilitators beforehand). Pick the flower or leaves with medium thickness so it's not too wet nor to dry for pressing. 


15 minutes

Demonstrate and explain how to transfer the colour, shape and texture of the flower or leaf onto the fabric. 

Insert a sheet of old poster or magazine paper between the two sites of the bag to avoid colour or plant juice transferred to the other side of the bag. Participants can place a piece of leaves or flower on top of the bag. Put a piece of kitchen paper on top of the leaf. Then, use a piece of stone or a small plastic hammer to pound on it.

Continue until the shape and colour are clearly transferred onto the bag.


5 minutes

Debrief and ask for participants’ reflection; ask how the participants feel during the harvesting and pressing. Encourage participants to choose eco-friendly options when preparing gifts for oneself and others.

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