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Photo of herb cuttings


HKU Holistic Urban Farming shares not only our harvest with the community, but also our experience and knowledge of gardening and farming. Click below to find more about knowledge on urban farming, sharing from the community gardeners, and some tips on growing at home.


Basics on Urban Sustainable Farming 城市永續種植基礎技巧

1. Soil Preparation 泥土準備
Basics on Urban Sustainable Farming
2. Sowing Seeds and Transplanting 播種與定植
3. Preparing Seedlings: Usage, Principles and Timing
3. Watering, Intertillage and Weeding
4. Fertilising 施肥
5. Plants Propagation from Cuttings and Divison 分株與插枝
6. Pruning Technique (1): Thinning and Topping
7. Pruning Technique (2): Fruiting Branch & Renovation Pruning

Urban Farming Short Video Series 都市種植短片系列

Urban Farming Short Video Series
【 Why Urban Farming? 為何在都市種植? 】
【 Urban Farming Workshop Under The Pandemic 疫情下的都市種植班 】
【 Life Education in the Farm 田園中的生命教育 】
【 Everyday is Earth Day 天天都是地球日 】
【 Human-Nature Connection 人與大自然的連結 】
【  Promoting the Values of Sustainability through Creative Learning Experience
     以創意學習體驗 推廣永續價值  】
【 Planting Happiness in the Community社區「種樂樂」 】
【 Growing a Happy and Sustainable Community 種出個快樂永續的社區 】

Grow Food at Home Challenge 在家種植挑戰

Grow Food at Home Challenge
【 When and What to Grow 環境和品種選擇 】
【 Start Growing 開始種植 】
【 Plant Care (1): Watering | Pruning | Harvesting 盆栽護理 (1):淋水、修剪、收成 】
【 Plant Care (2): Fertilising | Household Waste 盆栽護理 (2):施肥、善用家居廢料 】
【 Common Problems & Pest Control 常見問題及病蟲害 】

More Student Support for #COVID-19: 

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