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Photo of herb cuttings


HKU Edible Spaces share not only our harvest with the community, but also our experience and knowledge of gardening and farming. Click below to find food and beauty recipes you can make with herbs, nutritional facts about the plants we grow, and some tips on growing at home.

Herbal food and beauty recipes

Herbs provide amazing nutrients and health benefits, turn them into delicious meals or remedies for your body!

Zero Hunger

Find out how the Edible Spaces project is related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger here.

Health benefits of food we grow

A plant-based diet can provide us with a lot of health benefits. Take a look at the nutritional facts of the food we grow at the Edible Spaces.


Learn about our students' opinion about urban edible spaces, sustainability and food issues.

Growing food
at home

Stuck at home? Why not start growing your own herbs at your balcony or window sill? Here's a guide on how to get started!


(Coming Soon)

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