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"24 Solar Terms" was added to the "UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" in 2016


立春  Spring Commences

February 3-5




Today is “Spring Commences” of the Chinese 24 Solar Terms, and farmers start to do preparation for farming works. Let’s talk about some little facts of growing plants! In this illustration “Corner of Herb Garden”, it shows the Herb Spiral in our HKU Herb Garden. This spiral is built based on permaculture design principles, creating numerous microclimates for different herbs to grow well in a limited space.

In order to create suitable growing conditions for different kinds of herbs, we put Rosemary, which likes dry soil and sunshine on the top of the spiral, that will receive what it exactly needs. Garden Nasturtium and Marigold needs moderate water and sunshine, which will be put in the middle level of the spiral. Herbs which like moist soil and less sunshine like mints will be planted at the ground level.

Even in the little Herb Spiral, we can create a place for herbs in different needs and personalities. This makes me think of our living place. If we can use our creativity and establish a more inclusive and friendly environment for different communities, the winter of our world will end soon too.

Illustration by: Pollie Li

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