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Case Studies

of three urban farming area on HKU campus...

Guests harvesting at HKU Herb Garden
Banner of New Farm
HKU Rooftop Farm

HKU Urban Farming Area
Herb Garden

New College
New Farm

HKU Urban Farming Area
Rooftop Farm

The HKU Herb Garden is a community garden outside the Main Library growing mostly herbs. The space hosts regular community activities to share herbs, cuttings and seedlings, and to promote sustainable living and wellbeing.

The HKU Rooftop Farm was set up in 2013 as part of the Division of Landscape Architecture's research on edible roofs. Co-managed with the General Education team and the former Sustainability Office, the farm has operated successfully for 8 years, promoting urban sustainable farming among the HKU community.

The New College New Farm is where students living in the same residential college learn and farm together, and share their harvest with the rest of the community in the neighbourhood.

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