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DIY Herb Oil Workshop

This worksheet is designed for a workshop for 20 participants

Target participants

All ages

(More suitable for those who cook)


1 instructor

2-3 helpers


  • To help participants learn more about healthy organic herbs and how to incorporate them in their own diets for various health benefits

  • To introduce different herbs to the participants and help them relax and destress in the process of touching, smelling and tasting different herbs


20 minutes



Material List











1 bottle

1 bottle

1 bottle

1 bowl

1 bottle


1 set

  • Glass jars 

  • Fresh herbs e.g. rosemary, lemongrass, basil or lemon leaves

  • Dried ginger powder

  • Dried garlic flakes

  • Dried chillies flakes

  • Lemon peel 

  • Sunflower oil (has a weaker flavour than other types of oil) 

  • Stationary (markers / scissors) 

  • Induction heater

Total Cost


Herb oil

 DIY Herb Oil Workshop

A very simple workshop where participants will make herb oil with herbs harvested at the edible garden.

Related topics

Localised food production, Sustainable living

Level of difficulty

Easy-peasy, suitable for everyone.






5 minutes

Introduce the benefits of different herbs and how they can be infused in oil for cooking (such as seasoning and marinating).


10 minutes

Invite participants to walk around the edible garden to touch, smell and taste the herbs and find the ones they like. Each participant can harvest a few cuttings or leaves. If time is limited, facilitators can harvest some beforehand.

Put them together

10 minutes

Participants can put the herbs they harvested into a glass jar. And add their favourite spices such as garlic, ginger or chilies. Meanwhile, facilitator should prepare the oil by heating it up and then letting it slightly cooled before pouring into the glass jars of each participants. This part should be done by the facilitator to avoid accidents and ask participants to be mindful of hot oil.


5 minutes

Debrief and ask for participants’ reflection. Invite participants to share about which herbs they like the best and how their herb oil smells, and how they feel after exploring different herbs. Remind participants to consume the oil within two months.

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