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HKU Grow Food at Home

The pandemic has reminded us of how vulnerable and powerless we are in crisis. We invite you all to join the #HKUGrowFoodatHome challenge to start empowering yourself by learning how to grow food. No matter how little space you've got, it is still possible to grow a bit of what you eat! Starting from September 2020, every semester we will distribute a growing kit to participants who will then record and share the growing journey with fellow growers while supported by more experienced growers. 

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More Student Support for #COVID-19:

Common Problems & Pest Control

Plant Care (2): Fertilising | Household Waste
盆栽護理 (2): 施肥 | 善用家居廢料

Plant Care (1): Watering | Pruning | Harvesting
盆栽護理 (1): 淋水 | 修剪 | 收成

Start Growing 開始種植

When and What to Grow 環境和品種選擇

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