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HKU Edible Spaces Ambassador Training Programme

The urban farming spaces on campus have been providing the opportunity and inspirations for students and staff to engage in organic farming, horticulture practices, as well as interdisciplinary studies. Throughout the years, the spaces act as a hub to promote awareness on sustainability and wellbeing among the HKU community.

To expand the benefits of the edible spaces to a wider audience, we have been recruiting HKU students, who are passionate about gardening/farming and sustainability, to be Holistic Urban Farming Ambassadors to assist in hosting tours and workshops.

The fourth round of Ambassador Training Programme is now open for application. In the programme, experts from respective areas will share their knowledge and experiences with the participants, and the students will apply what they have learnt to design and host tours and workshops.

rogramme details:

More Student Support for #COVID-19: 

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