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Appearance 外觀


May be fairly upright or appear bushy. Shiny medium-green leaves are lanceolate with length of around 3 inches. Clusters of small golden yellow flower heads with diameter around 0.5 inches appear at ends of stems in late summer.

Growing Condition 生長條件


Full sun or partial sun, perennial. Prefers moist, well-draining neutral soil. Drought and heat tolerant. Stems that touch the soil will take root, making the plant spread.

Uses 用途


Mexican tarragon's anise-like flavour makes it a substitute for French tarragon, which wilts at warm temperatures. Add leaves to scrambled or fried eggs, chicken, fish, sauces.

Health Benefits 營養價值

含有維他命A、B6、C,礦物質例如鎂、鐵、鋅、鈣 。

Contains vitamins A, B6 and C, minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium.

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