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Setouchi Lemon


Setouchi Lemon

Appearance 外觀


Evergreen shrubs or small trees. There are thorns on the branches; oval leaves, linear leaf wings, young leaves are purple-red; flowers are white with purple, slightly fragrant, solitary or 3-6 in racemes; lemon fruit is oval citrus fruit, yellow Or red and shiny, thin skin, very sour pulp.

Growing Condition 生長條件

種植在花園裡時,最好在初春或初秋,選擇陽光充足、地勢較高的地方種植。 種植的土壤深度最好是80 至100 cm ,埋土時可以混入一些細沙和有機肥,有助於排水和增加土壤養分。 最後把土壤壓實,澆透水。 如果是種在花盆裡,最好選擇較大一些的花盆,給檸檬的根留出足夠的生長空間。

Lemons can be grown in the garden or in pots.
When planting in the garden, it is best to plant in early spring or early fall in full sun on higher ground. The best soil depth for planting is 80 to 100 cm. When burying the soil, you can mix some fine sand and organic fertilizer to help drainage and increase soil nutrients. Finally, compact the soil and water thoroughly. If planting in a pot, it is best to choose a larger pot to allow enough room for the lemon roots to grow.

Uses 用途


The fruit is mainly used for juicing, and sometimes it is also used as cooking seasoning, but it is basically not used for fresh food because it is too sour.

Health Benefits 營養價值


Lemons are rich in vitamin C; citric acid can increase appetite, eliminate fatigue, promote calcium absorption, and prevent osteoporosis.

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