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Appearance 外觀


With well-developed stolons, small pink flowers bloom from May to August

Growing Condition 生長條件


Sun-loving, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, can repel ants, fleas and mosquitoes, smooth appearance, evergreen in four seasons, and good landscape effect.

Uses 用途

唇萼薄荷曾被古希臘和古羅馬人當作烹飪調料。 古希臘人通常把其作為酒的添加材料,而它也是古羅馬美食食譜的常客,並與獨活草、牛至和香菜一併使用。 儘管在中世紀它的使用非常廣泛,現在漸漸已經不再受到烹飪師的青睞了。 而作為一個簡易的毒物,唇萼薄荷的使用卻有悠久的歷史。

Peppermint was once used as a culinary seasoning by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks used it as an addition to wine, and it was a regular in ancient Roman recipes, where it was used with lovage, oregano, and parsley. Although it was widely used in the Middle Ages, it is gradually falling out of favor with cooks. As an improvised poison, mint has a long history of use.

Health Benefits 營養價值

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