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Appearance 外觀


Leaves are lobed, pinnate, 2-8 inches long. Dark, grayish-green leaves have silvery-gray underside due to tiny white hairs that populate the underside of the leaves. Dark-green stems are erect.

Growing Condition 生長條件


Full sun, perennial. Prefers well-drained, slightly moist soil. Tolerates partial shade and dry soil but does not tolerate wet soil. Grow mugwort in containers as mugwort roots grow by root spreading and can become invasive. Do not grow mugwort close to other plants with shared soil as mugwort roots release chemicals that inhibit the growth of surrounding plants.

Uses 用途

可用於湯、燉煮、肉類菜式作調味香草,或用以沖茶。製作青糰(中國南方小食) 的一種材料。

Can be used as aromatic herb in soups, stews, meat dishes, or infused as tea. An ingredient of Qingtuan (a form of dumpling, snack from Southern China).

Health Benefits 營養價值


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