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Appearance 外觀

Dark green leaves are dense, ferny and often strongly scented. Yellow, orange or red flowers have diameter of 1-4 inches and appear rounded or tufted.


Growing Condition 生長條件

Full sun, annual. Prefers well-draining soil. More vulnerable to fungal diseases like powdery mildew if planted in part shade. Seeds germinate at minimum temperature of 21-23℃. Pick off faded flowers to encourage more flowering.


Uses 用途

Marigold flowers are edible. Add petals to salads and desserts for decoration and flavour. Petals can be used for brewing brightly-hued tea. Blend dried yellow or orange marigold petals to chicken feed to improve egg yolk colour. Yellow natural food dye can be extracted from petals.


Health Benefits 營養價值

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