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Appearance 外觀


The leaves and branches are densely covered with fine hairs; the petioles are slender and the surface is rough. The inflorescence belongs to the cryptic inflorescence; the fruit is obovate to pear-shaped, it become dark purple in colour when mature.

Growing Condition 生長條件


It prefers warm and strong light environment, it also prefers dry and well-drained soil, but the fruit is easy to cause many kinds of pests.

Uses 用途


Beside eating as fresh food, it can also made into dried fruits and jams to make drinks. In addition, dried figs can also be used for soup and tea.

Health Benefits 營養價值


Contains a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber, etc., it has the effect of anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, promotes digestion, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood sugar, etc. It is often used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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