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Herb Garden

The Herb Garden, located outside the 2/F entrance of Main Library, was set up by students under the guidance of permaculture practitioners in 2018. Apart from growing fresh organic herbs, this project hopes to nurture a community that shares the same concern on health, environment and our future, as well as spark off more creative and sustainable use of campus space and resources.

Herb Garden is an open space which welcomes everyone to visit.

Getting there

Getting there

The Herb Garden is only 2 minutes away from the HKU MTR Station Exit A2 or 5/F Haking Wong Building. Stay on your left side after you exit the MTR station or Haking Wong Building, walk along the University Street until you see Hui Oi Chow Science Building, turn to your left, walk towards the Main Library 2/F Entrance and you will see Herb Garden on your left.

Explore with Five Senses

Touch and Smell

At the Herb garden, you can find a variety of over 20 different herbs which has unique aroma and texture. Rub the leaves and smell your fingers, you will be surprised by the natural aromatic scents of the herbs! Remember to clean your hands properly before and after.

Sight & Hearing

Flowers in the Herb Garden are blossoming this springtime. Attend to the shapes, colours and shades of the plants. And you may also close your eyes and listen to sounds near and far. You will find yourself being accompanied by the beautiful nature and lots of other living beings such as birds, bees and butterflies.


You can also enjoy your meals at the Herb Garden. It gives you a refreshing feeling to eat in an open space surrounded by greenery. Please keep the garden clean and bring away any rubbish. Leave no trace!


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